Vow works as an aggregator of car rentals and cabs in India and Srilanka. We work with various cab operators and enable them with technology to ensure customers get an easily accessible, safe & reliable cab ride. Our unique services provide all the facilities of a metered cab making sure our costumers experience the best service, transparent billing and comprehensive safety while they enjoy their rides with VOW.

Endless city gridlock getting on your nerves? How about sitting in the back seat of a luxurious sedan and listening to some soothing music while we comfortably steer you through your journey? Wow, that sounds like fun! Just keep reading… it gets better.

VOW had its genesis to change the status quo on the way we commute once and forever. VOW works as an aggregator of cabs and car rentals in India and srilanka. VOW is tied up with an extensive list of cab operators, thus enabling technology to facilitate the whole process of making sure our customers get an affordable, comfortable, safe, and reliable cab service every time on demand.

We at VOW promise to seamlessly connect our customers and the cab drivers via our app, website, and call centre to provide you a metered taxi service at the price of a modern day aggregator service. Our aim is to make cities more accessible and give you more possibilities of commuting and at the same time giving the cab drivers a better business model. It is a win-win situation all the way.

We launched this service with an aim to providing a complete end-to-end car rental solution both for short and long distances. We believe the stress of commuting is a thing of the past what with our air- conditioned cabs chauffeured by professionals with highest etiquette and people-friendly conduct. All this at a pocket-friendly price is bound to make your ride with us that much more pleasant and extraordinary. We decisively intend Vow to be perfectly in sync with your burgeoning lifestyle going forward.

For us safety of our customers is paramount and we couldn’t stress enough on that. This is precisely the reason why we have a panic button in every cab. We have even gone a step further by incorporating a panic button within our app that can be activated to alert friends, family and also emergency services irrespective of whether you are traveling in our cabs or otherwise! Your location at all times can be tracked by your loved ones via our GPS technology. It is initiatives like this that make VOW today one of the safety cab service platforms anywhere in India and Srilanka.

We would like to call ourselves a technology-driven platform that is trying to change the way you travel, one cab ride at a time. Did you know that you can book the same cab for intercity and intracity travels? You can even book our cabs by getting into one. We bet our competitors don’t provide you these privileges. But we don’t stop just there.

We have grand expansion plans to go pan India and Srilanka. But for that we need the patronage in equal measure of our customers, our investors and finally the driving force of our cabs – the drivers. We believe in empowering our drivers. That is the reason we extensively train them and hone their skills to make them the perfect chauffeurs that everybody adores. We also like to keep them informed if their regular customers are in their proximity and are seeking a cab, using location-based technology. We even provide them with a loan to buy a car, insurance cover and so on. All this ensures we have their unflinching support at all times.

VOW is a brainchild of Innate Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. VOW is emblematic of our commitment at Innate to providing a secure and better alternative to the rest of the cab aggregators. We are tirelessly endeavouring to make every trip of yours with VOW, a blissful experience. You can choose from our motley fleet of readily available auto rickshaws, hatchbacks, sedans, MUVs, SUVs, limousines and even the aptly named Eves (women-friendly) for all your travelling needs.

Technology is the cornerstone of everything that we do at VOW. We are firmly of the belief that using the right technology at the right time and at the right place we can change things for better. We are always on the lookout to deploy technology and simplify your travel experience with us. We want to give you the best option by precisely matching your needs with our various cab types every time you travel with us. We only charge you for point-to-point travel so that you pay only for what you use. We also provide you with an officially printed bill at the end of every ride.

So next time you are greeted by a professionally-trained and well-mannered chauffeur in a comfy VOW cab, rest assured you would be genuinely wowed! We promise with VOW you are truly going places. Let’s make this journey of yours highly coveted!!

Our Partners In Srilanka

Smart Travel International (Pvt) Ltd (STI) offers Online/Call Centre based Smart transport solutions through “Vow”. STI was established on 20th June 2016 by visionary of Company Directors to serve all local commuters, tourists, Diplomatic community and others by filling the the ever increasing demand for modern transport services with quality services and standardised operations using its well selected fleet of vehicles, advanced smart technology and trained man power.

STI is organized in a way to capture, maintain and uphold the trust of our customers through courteous, prompt and efficient services and to build a brand name that characterises modern and quality transport services in the Sri Lanka. This will be ensured by continual improvement of our services to provide safe, convenient, reliable and soothing comprehensive transport services by friendly and knowledgeable professionals to meet all your transport needs with its entirety. We, at STI, have a pledge to provide you with a world class smart transport service 24/7 for all your business and social occasions.

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